We help you learn more about yourself by sequencing your whole genome and sending you a report on your genetic attributes

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Benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing with Genebox

Here’s how Whole Genome Sequencing and a Genetics Attributes Report can help you and your doctor explore and learn more about yourself.

Peace of mind

Understand your genetic health risks and your positive attributes


Make lifestyle changes in response to your health risks in order to reduce likelihood or delay the onset of any potential illnesses


Understand and watch out for symptoms related to illnesses you may be at a higher risk of developing


Get more regular screens and pick up on illnesses you may be at a higher risk of developing


Get appropriate health insurance cover for you and your family

Safe and private

Keep your genetic data in safe and private storage completely under your control

Lifelong support

Avail of emerging medical and scientific insights through regular updates

How the genebox service works

Request the kit

Fill out the registration form on the website, complete the payment, and within a few days you will be receive your at home saliva collection kit.

Send it back

Follow the instructions provided to collect the saliva sample and send it directly to our sequencing lab using a prepaid envelope.

Get the report

Within 10-12 weeks you will receive your Genetic Attributes Report and will be able to begin exploring your genetic health, fitness and challenges.

We then store your genome on secure servers so that you can get occasional updates and benefit from new medical developments.

Genetic Attributes report

We carefully compare your Whole Genome Sequence to information available in scientific databases and produce your personalised Genetic Attributes Report

Peace of mind

Discover some of your positive attributes and the areas of health in which your risks could be reduced.

Disease risk

Learn more about your risks of developing both genetic and common diseases.

Family health attributes

Explore your genetic carrier status which may have relevance to the health risk of family members.

Drug response

Get your own pharmacogenetics profile detailing your probable response to various drugs.

For most people the Report contains a lot of good news and details many areas of reduced risk.

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“My Genetic Attributes Report gave me a deep insight in to my genetic makeup and in its conclusions reaches out to my parents, grandparents, siblings and my own children ... fascinating results” Klaus*

Klaus recently received his Genetic Attributes Report and has agreed to share his results here. He is a healthy 53-year-old who gets regular health check-ups, exercises and watches his diet. Looking at health outcomes in extended family members, he was keen to understand what his own level of genetic fitness or challenges might be.

*Klaus and his results are real, but his name has been changed

Explore your genetic make-up

Analysing your individual genome may result in you discovering you have a high level of genetic fitness or that you have some genetic challenges, or both.

If you believe you are either genetically fit or genetically challenged and would like to learn more, contact us. We may be able to help you, your doctor and your family to better understand your genetic make-up.

In certain special cases we will offer you a grant to generate your personal "Genetic Attributes Report". Contact us to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, we collect your DNA from a saliva sample using a kit that maintains the integrity of your DNA until it reaches the lab. On arrival, your DNA is extracted and your whole genome is sequenced on a state-of-the-art Illumina sequencer carried out in a CAP/CLIA accredited lab. The resulting data is then uploaded and stored on a secure data-protection compliant platform in the European Union. Secondary data analysis is completed using a bioinformatics pipeline compliant with GATK guidelines. We then match the relevant variants which we discover in your genome with databases and public archives of published literature to understand which of your variants are associated with certain phenotypes. The matching software we use has achieved medical device certification under ISO 13485:2012. Finally, we assign a scientific evaluation score and calculate penetrance values which use a set of cut-offs to decide which variants to include into your final Genetic Attributes Report. Our procedures have been reviewed and approved by leading medical geneticists on our Advisory Board.
It is our priority to keep your data secure and private. All your data, including personal details from the registration form and your genomic data are stored on reliable secure platforms that comply with EU data protection laws including GDPR. Your data is never shared with external third parties unless you give us permission to do so. Your data, including genetic data, always remain yours and legally under your control. Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statements are issued to you at the time of purchasing our service with more detail.
Most people have around 4 to 5 million genetic variants in the 3 billion base pairs of their genome. These can be thought of as individual letter differences in a long sequence of letters that constitute your whole genome. To use a hardware analogy, your genome is like your personal blueprint; you can compare it to a schematic used to build, for instance, an aircraft. The analysis we do draws on a wealth of leading scientific research to understand what your blueprint means. However, in the same way that we cannot always tell exactly what ones flying experience will be from analyzing the blueprint of an aircraft, genetic analysis cannot yet make absolutely certain predictions about health outcomes and illnesses. While variations in the genome are associated with many diseases, developing a disease often depends on additional components such as interactions with other genes and the environment.
Everybody has a variety of genetic variants and consequently a risk profile that is completely unique. Therefore, there is no ‘right answer’ as all our genomes are all individually different. The principal purpose of this analysis and your Genetic Attributes Report is to increase your knowledge and awareness of risk factors and to help you monitor and if necessary respond to your risk profile.
Our service is designed for people who are curious to explore more about their personal genetic makeup. If you are very concerned that certain results might cause you distress, you should speak to your doctor, ultimately the service may not be for you. The vast majority of our customers are well and will receive positive results indicating reduced health risk for many illnesses. Some people may have an elevated risk for some conditions. This does not mean that they will definitely get the illness. If your results do show that you have an elevated risk for certain conditions there are many actions you and your doctor can consider, such as lifestyle changes, appropriate screening, understanding treatment options and preparing your overall life journey to account for a range of health outcomes.
No. We do not share your results with anyone, therefore your health insurer will not be able to use your results to assess your risk profile. Furthermore, in many jurisdictions, (particularly the EU and US) health insurers are prohibited by law from changing your health insurance premiums based on the results of genetic testing and can therefore neither increase nor decrease your premiums based on your risk profile. Some health insurers in some jurisdictions offer incentives to customers who engage in healthy behaviors. Understanding your health risks could result in better health outcomes for you personally.
When seeking to understand more about various genetic diseases, we recommend the following organizations’ websites: NIH U.S. National Library of Medicine Genetics Home Reference Mayo Clinic


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